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School Package For School Dances we always bring 2 DJs to make sure you're getting the Full experience while we work the Mic, Lights and the Music for your event. $200.00 Per Hour.
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DRY ICE The real cherry on top for this package is the “Walking on Clouds” dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. This effect looks like pure magic as the low lying fog is illuminated at the feet of the King and Queen, as well as the rest of the court as they dance together. $200.00. ***** Please Check with your Venue Coordinator.*****
FOG We provide Atmospheric Haze/Fog to set the mood and create that high energy feel for later in the night when the dancing gets real. (FREE Upon Request). ***** Please Check with your Staff Coordinator.*****
MONOGRAM Your very own personalized monogram light to have projected on the dance floor or strategically illuminated on a wall. For example, the monogram can display the school Name or Mascot on the dance floor to add that extra sense of school spirit. $50.00
Strike A Pose PhotoBooth You can count on our Photo-booth to add that element of entertainment your guests won’t soon forget. MEMENTOS FOR ALL!!! Just let us know you're interested in adding a Photo-Booth to your event 3 Hrs. $300.00
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